#18 Tommy Wiseau with Kevin Sorbo’s Haircut [S2E12]

#18 Tommy Wiseau with Kevin Sorbo’s Haircut [S2E12]

“No one knows what happens next, but this story of Beyond Belief is fact!”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 2, episode 12. There is a theme in this episodea touch of evil! Chris has a strong feeling he will get a 100% of the stories correct this episode.

Story 1: Merry-Go-Round—a merry-go-round with a cursed past is resurrected in a small town, but the curse isn’t quite done yet…

  • Everyone thinks this story could have totally happened. Chris thinks the most unbelievable part of the story is that characters thought they actually make money off a merry-go-around.
  • Tiffany thinks there was enough people to corroborate the story. Yeah, there was an entire press junket.
  • Mark wants to know where the paraplegic man with the poison pump is?

Story 2: Red Eyed Creature—after a family moves into their new house, they begin to sense an evil presence.

  • The group points out how similar the nanny in this story is to Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • No one understands the ending. #whotoldthisstory
  • Mark thought that the grandma would turn out to be a satanist, using the child as a conduit for a demon.
  • Kyle thinks this is a rip off of the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller.
  • Mark thinks it’s the old TFTBF (too fiction to be fiction).

Story 3: Used Car Salesman—a sleazy car salesman meets his fate when life hands him back some of his own “lemons.”

  • Kyle points out a sign at the dealership that says, “we will beat anybody price.” Jesse bets this was an actual sign on location.
  • Chris thinks this was very similar to a the 1986 Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive.
  • Kyle believes that someone working at a car dealership could definitely be hit by a car.

Story 4: Surveillance Camera—when a conveyance store owner is robbed, a spirit from the past mysteriously intervenes.

  •  Jesse thinks this another case of a ghost making elaborate plans.
  • No one believes the cops would show the shop owner the video of a gruesome murder.

Story 5: Graffiti—graffiti shows up around a school with a mysterious warning.

  • Jesse points out how similar this is to the Beyond Belief Titanic-esque story called “The Titan.”
  • No one understands how this story is connected to Pearl Harbor.

This week we take a look at odd signs from the used car dealership.

The story results are revealed.

  • Did Chris finally get his 100% correct?
  • Everyone is shocked when one particular story turns out to be true.
  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below or on Amazon Prime!


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