#15 Five Guys Burgers & Lies [S2E9 with Tom Bensinger]

#15 Five Guys Burgers & Lies [S2E9 with Tom Bensinger]

“I don’t believe any story that contains the phrase ‘boating accident.'”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 2, episode 9. Tiffany is out, but we have a guest host: Tom Bensinger! Tom talks about his supernatural experiences… none. But he’s heard stories from friends… which he doesn’t trust because he thinks humans are just morons and will believe anything. He is a big fan of ’90s supernatural television and watched Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction back in the day.

Story 1: Rock & Roll Ears—A retired guitarist suffering from hearing loss has a “shocking” discovery when teen thugs show up to his store.

  • Chris points out that you can’t get your hearing back once the ear follicles have died. So maybe it’s a blockage?
  • Tom points out there have been people who jumped out of planes and regained sight. There’s many stories of people regaining a lost sense after a traumatic event.
  • Chris thinks it’s a super human origin story. Mark wonders what his name is—the super hearer? Mega ears?
  • Jesse can’t buy the teenagers coming back for revenge with a retrofitted music van.

Story 2: The Bucket—A seemingly possessed milk bucket leads a family to a dairy farmer in the nick of time.

  • Chris applies the ghostly rules—why would the universe posses a milk bucket to save an elderly man? Kyle points out that the bucket was shaking the night before, so how long was this old man stranded?
  • Mark thinks the milk bucket was simply knocked over and they had to get it filled.
  • Tom points out, “he’s an elderly man working alone on a farm, what are the odds he’s not having a heart attack?”
  • Kyle thinks it could just be a faulty bucket.

Story 3: The Bridesmaid—When a hopeless romantic goes on a blind date, she discovers the man is someone from her past.

  • Kyle thinks there would be documentation, i.e., a marriage license that would link the man to his wife. Chris points out that people with amnesia often can’t be placed because they don’t have documentation on them.
  • Tom thinks the man was just lying to get out of the marriage because he’s a sociopath who just pretended to have amnesia.
  • Chris thinks the girl should have not told his sister and continued dating him.
  • Kyle thinks it may be the first Beyond Belief amnesia story. Hopefully one of many.
  • Jesse thinks it’s too tropey.
  • Tom doesn’t believe any story with the phrase “boating accident.”

Story 4: Voice from the Grave—A woman channels the spirit of a dead nurse to help solve her gruesome murder.

  • The group agrees that this episode is very confusing.
  • Applying ghostly rules, Chris has heard of people being possessed to relay information, but the rest is too convoluted. Could it be a case of The Complicated Theory?
  • Jesse thinks the sting operation seems way too risky to be true. Kyle points out that the detective’s back up is a doctor and not another officer.

Story 5: The Chess Game—Two old friends play chess every night. After one passes away, their game doesn’t stop.

  • Chris asks “where’s this old man’s milk jug?” Why did he have to die? He’s never heard of a story where someone interacts with a ghost the same way every day.
  • Jesse doesn’t know how this story gets told and not confirmed. People would come to watch if this happens every night. Tom points out that the Annabelle/Conjuring universe was built on even less proof.
  • Kyle thinks the old man just moves the pieces himself (denial) and his wife just went along with it (enabling).
  • Chris doesn’t understand how everyone knows what Bay Rum is.
  • Tom points out that the old man’s name is “Chester.” Chess. Chester. Come on!

Advertisement: this week’s episode is brought to you by… baby gates? It can keep away haunted milk jugs.

The story results are revealed.

  • When revealed that the bridesmaid is true, the group debates the possibility of a twin. Would you date your dead husband’s twin?
  • There are four facts in a row. It’s rare, but it happens folks.
  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!


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