#09 Whales on a chalkboard [S2E3]

#09 Whales on a chalkboard [S2E3]

“If this weird force is going to do a great deed, do it at the doctor’s office.”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 2, episode 3.

Chris tries out a new intro. It’s creepy.

Chris tells a personal beyond belief story about a mysterious bottle of chianti. Also he doesn’t know how to pronounce chianti, and it’s not mysterious. 

Story 1: The Wall–A cop known for brutal integrations is haunted by an innocent suspect he put away.

  • The group points out this segment does something new by saying “the following was reconstructed by investigators.” Does this lend legitimacy to the story?
  • There’s some good acting here: J. Kenneth Campbell as well as Star Trek’s John Billingsley.
  • This story is suspiciously similar to Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell Tale Heart.”
  • Jesse believes you would be able to paint over the handprint.
  • Chris dives into the ghostly rules: human-time vs. afterlife-time does not match up here.

Story 2: The Chalkboard–Students in detention start hearing eerie screams whenever they write on the chalkboard.

  • Jesse thinks the pipe fell onto the janitor and he was moaning into it.
  • Jesse thinks the kids could have saved him, but they just made up an elaborate story to seem like cool heroes.
  • Could this be so weird it’s true?

Story 3: The Getaway–A busy executive’s ultimate getaway is as close to heaven as she can get… perhaps too close.

  • The group loved this story. Haunting and beautiful, with a good twist!
  • Chris breaks down the ghostly rules: when someone dies, there’s sometimes a person on the other side who needs to help guide them.
  • Tiffany thinks the lady who owned the house could have told this story.

Story 4: The Prescription–A young pharmacist’s quest to embrace the computer age is tripped up by a disappearing prescription.

  • If this story were true, would the pharmacist spread a story in which they almost made a fatal mistake with a patient? The group thinks this means it’s more likely fake.
  • There’s no clear moral here. Is it about moving into the digital age or sticking with more direct human-to-human communication?
  • Jesse thinks it’s very possible that a pharmacist can misplace a prescription and then find it later.

Story 5: Summer Camp–A kid bullied in summer camp has a heroic encounter one morning… while sleeping.

  • The kids are the ones who told the story, so who knows if it’s true? Jesse thinks the kids could have made up the story to mess with the camp counselor.
  • Tiffany thinks that maybe the kid just made up the story to cover the fact that he ate cookies he wasn’t supposed to have.
  • Using the ghostly rules, Chris thinks the kid’s spirit traveled.

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!


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