#01 A burgle murder [S1E1]

#01 A burgle murder [S1E1]

“I tend to look more to the Rules of the Ghostly World.”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 1, episode 1. Jesse introduces the very first episode of Beyond Beyond Belief and Kyle gets excited about the campy 90s flair. Chris asks how everyone discovered the show and everyone has fond memories except for Tiffany, who didn’t grow up with the show but quickly fell in love with it.

Show host James Brolin introduces the episode with a classic? optical illusion.
Show host James Brolin introduces the episode with a classic? optical illusion.

Story 1: The Apparition—A woman sees images in her upstairs mirror.

  • Tiffany notices a similarity to Michelle Pfeiffer’s What Lies Beneath.
  • Jesse discusses the pertinent additional information the host sometimes gives after the story is done.
  • Chris and Kyle discuss the meta-game of the first story of the first season possibly needing to be fact.
  • We learn about Chris’s Ghostly Rules™.

Story 2: The Electric Chair—A man on his way to the electric chair encounters a fortunate malfunction.

  • Chris mentions that the convict probably did it just because he looks guilty.
  • Tiffany notices that this entire story was narrated by the host, James Brolin, as opposed to the character in the story.
  • Chris, Mark, and Jesse discuss the use of supplemental photos after the story is over.
  • Jesse talks about the bad luck of being a lawyer for the first time and getting a death row case.

Story 3: On The Road—A night club singer invites her husband to their old night club hangout for one last hurrah.

  • Jesse’s confused as to why they needed to meet at the lounge in the first place. Kyle think it’s sweet.
  • Kyle mentions that he did work on this same set as a background actor.
  • Chris demands more standing from his singers.

Story 4: Number One With A Bullet—A man cheats on his wife and, through a series of unlikely events, pays the ultimate price.

  • Everyone’s confused why this story is called “Number One With a Bullet.” Kyle looks it up and explains the origin of the phrase (Tiffany is unconvinced) as well as makes mention of the buddy cop film and Ray Stevens country album of the same name, which includes a song called “Power Tools,” which Jesse and Chris realize as they’re typing the show notes is what dislodges the bullet (creepy!).
  • Jesse asks who would have told the assistant’s story since no one would likely admit that they attempted murder.

Story 5: Dream House—A woman dreaming of the perfect house ends up finding the one she saw in her dreams.

  • This story gave Chris and Kyle chills.
  • Tiffany and Kyle discuss how there’s no real villain in this story, but Tiffany later realizes that the only motivation of our main character is greed.
  • Chris explores the paranormal plausibility of this story.
  • Kyle wishes he had the power to scare people away from their physical possessions so he can take them.
  • The realty company named Flotard gives everyone a good laugh.

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!



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