#02 Injecting the supernatural where it doesn’t belong [S1E2]

#02 Injecting the supernatural where it doesn’t belong [S1E2]

“I’m gonna put that tractor in the barn!”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 1, episode 2. Mark tries out a new hello and Chris calls it out. Jesse confuses James Brolin for Burt Reynolds. Kyle doesn’t buy it. Everyone shares their approach to analyzing stories. Chris explains he focuses on the supernatural elements having been raised on that subject matter (through TV shows similar to Beyond Belief).

Duck? Rabbit? Or something James Brolin stole from the prop house? Burning questions as we continue on to episode 2! No turning back now.

Story 1: The Viewing–A boy allows a mysterious old man to visit the body of the deceased after viewing hours.

  • Jesse reveals it’s a case of the “he’s been dead for 5 minutes.”
  • Chris points out a rare treat… there’s a notable actor in this story: a young Eric Christian Olsen.
  • Jesse points out how bad the customer service is in the funeral parlor. “Where’s my keys?”
  • Kyle thought the story was about ignorant children not being able to tell old people apart.
  • Jesse forgot which president is on a quarter.

Story 2: The Subway—A couple boards a haunted subway train that takes them on a high-speed ride to nowhere.

  • Jesse introduces a theory—“ghosts make elaborate plans.”
  • Kyle thought the ghost was merely trying to cock-block the couple’s date night.
  • Jesse proposes the couple simply did a lot of crystal meth and imagined the whole evening.
What’s going on?!

Story 3: Kid in the Closet—No one believes there’s a monster in Danny’s closet until the day his older brother goes inside.

  • The hosts discuss how this is one of the most well known and spooky stories of Beyond Belief.
  • Jesse points out similarities to The Sixth Sense when Haley Joel Osment is locked in a closet.
  • Chris doesn’t think that someone can just vanish. Jesses points out The Leftovers.
  • Everyone thinks it’s so well produced and Kyle says he’ll do some research into this one.
  • The hosts feel that if the story is so famous then it must be true. They all vote fact (but not the coin)… then Jesse realizes maybe the kids killed Danny and made up this elaborate closet story so know one would look for the body.

Story 4: Justice is Served—A man accused of murdering his business partner starts to see visions in the courtroom.

  • Chris points out firsts for the show: first courtroom scene and first appearance of Elizabeth Warren (not actually the politician, but a character with the same name).
  • Chris is unimpressed that the story revolves around ghosts showing up in places. “So could it happen? Yeah. Sure.”
  • Mark thinks it’s an obvious episode to have been written.
  • Jesse wonders if ghosts can come back in any form. “Couldn’t she come back as the girl from The Ring?”

Story 5: “The Tractor”—A niece visits her paralyzed uncle, only to find he’s not who she remembered.

  • Jesse thinks a tractor sounds like a train.
  • Kyle points out that this is very similar to X-Men’s origin story for Colossus.
  • Chris injects the supernatural where it doesn’t belong. No one is buying it.
  • Kyle mentions a line in City Slickers where Billy Crystal believes people can have great strength in important moments.

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!

3 Replies to “#02 Injecting the supernatural where it doesn’t belong [S1E2]”

  1. I have heard that the story behind the boy in closet that the truth was there was in fact a small hidden door way because the house may or not have been part of the under ground railroad, just that it was really well hidden.

    1. I read on Reddit that the story was true, but that the boy had escaped through a panel in the ceiling, exited through the attic, ran away, and was discovered by his friend’s mom two weeks later living in his friend’s attic.

      I don’t have personal knowledge, of course, but this seems plausible to me. However, it also goes to show what a brat the kid was who “disappeared”! I could understand him feeling clever in figuring out how to escape the closet as a prank, but to then keep up the ruse of being missing for two weeks?!? Seems like an inordinate amount of things to go through just to prank a little brother. Unless he became terrified his mom would kill him for real if he went back home? Would love to know how he turned out if he gets along with the rest of the family now.

  2. Man, I can’t believe how pumped I can get while listening to this…. TO A FAULT! some of you guys have a completely different logic to all this, than me, and I get strangely passionate about it!

    “When I see that there are police officers in the story, it has to mean that it’s true”
    Me: NO YOU IDIOT! It means it’s fake, because policeofficers would not act this way!

    “This story sounds so picture perfect and feel-good that it has to be true”
    Me: NOOOOO!!!! That’s how you know it’s a script written by someone!!!!!!!!!

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