#00 Don’t tease me

#00 Don’t tease me

Let me tell you something. My mom used to watch a bunch of random TV. Some of it was bad (Lifetime movies), some of it was great (The X-Files), and some of it was absolute genius (Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction). And on 10/03/17, we’re starting a podcast to celebrate that genius.

This is a show that premiered on Fox in 1997. It aired for four seasons for a total of 45 episodes. Each episode, the host of the show (James Brolin in the first season, Jonathan Frakes in the remainder) would present five stories. Some of them were based on real events. Others were simply made up by the show’s writers. It was a game to see if by the end of the episode you could tell which stories were fact and which were fiction.

It wasn’t until I was in an FYE that I came across season one on DVD, which completely washed over me in a wave of campy 90s nostalgia. I then found the rest of the episodes scattered across YouTube and various other places, which I proceeded to force countless friends to watch. They mostly all thanked me.

On October 3, 2017, we will debut a brand new podcast that goes beyond this acclaimed 90s cult classic TV series. Our podcast will recap each of the 45 episodes of the original series. We’ll analyze each story’s credibility and predict which we believe to be fact and which we believe are fiction. Right now you’re either giddy with excitement at the idea that this show you forgot about is being resurrected or you have no idea what I’m talking about. But either way, subscribe to us and give us the chance because I’m pretty sure that same wave of campy 90s nostalgia will wash over you as well.

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