#31 Why would you say no to the guac? [S3E12 with James Mastraieni]

#31 Why would you say no to the guac? [S3E12 with James Mastraieni]

This week comedian James Mastraieni joins us in the studio. He performs regularly at The Upright Citizens Brigade and has a podcast called I’m Too Effing High. He’s not really a believer in the supernatural but shares a story about a maybe haunted drum set?

Story 1: The Handyman—after a cheating husband kills his wife, her spirit comes back for revenge in a “creative” way.

  • Mark wonders if it’s too fiction too be fiction, or if that theory is just thrown out the window.
  • James believes this could happen, but not the way they told it.
  • It’s revealed Mark has watched Faces of Death, and is horrible for it.

Story 2: Anatole—an elderly man brought to prison kills his cellmate and then mysteriously escapes.

  • Tiffany doesn’t know how this story gets out if the cop said he never turned the old man in.
  • The group wonders how much you can do when you astral project.

Story 3: Makeup Magic—a woman, who feels self-conscious about her appearance, is given a makeover by a mysterious woman.

  • Everyone agrees this story is a bit sexist.
  • Chris doesn’t buy that the “guardian angel” would be timid.

Story 4: Screwdriver—when a son moves to college and finds himself in danger, he’s helped by a mysterious and familiar good samaritan.

  • James is more interested in what’s going on between the mother and the son.
  • Chris thinks Finding Nemo is based on this story.
  • The group thinks this is a coincidence-based story.

Story 5: Charlie—a man turns his luck around with the help of a bathroom attendant.

  • James is infuriated with this story – why is it all about the guy?
  • No one knows who could corroborate the story.

The story results are revealed.

  • Chris misses out yet again on guessing all the stories correctly. Moving ever closer to becoming a statistical anomaly…
  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below or on Amazon Prime.

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