#12 Call me when your horse is psychic [S2E6 with Melissa Dunham]

#12 Call me when your horse is psychic [S2E6 with Melissa Dunham]

“If you put a Roomba in the middle of Manhattan, it’s gonna find a dead body eventually.”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 2, episode 6. Tiffany is out, but we have a special guest host: Melissa Dunham, host of the podcast #Obsessed. Melissa talks about her own paranormal experiences, of which there are many! In college, she was convinced her apartment was haunted, when she heard knocking from inside the closet…

Story 1: Bright Light—A women driving on the highway is tailed by an aggressive trucker with unexpected intentions.

  • The group thinks this feels like an Urban Legend. Chris recounts the classic 90’s film Urban Legend.
  • Kyle points out that Donald Gibb plays the trucker who’s also plays Ray Jackson in Bloodsport.
  • Chris would have loved to see this story from the murderer-in-the-back-seat’s perspective.
  • If she was in the protagonist’s feet, Melissa would still not get a coffee with the truck driver.
  • Jesse points out a great line of dialogue for being unsettling and accurate: “I want to run out of here, but I’m going to walk out of her quietly.”
  • Jesse thinks this story could have easily happened, but Chris thinks it’s just an urban legend.

Story 2: Magic Mightyman—Muggers take a man’s clothes, but when he comes across a superhero halloween costume, the man finds unexpected powers.

  • Jesse questions the show’s referring of homeless people as “Angels of the street”?
  • Chris thinks this guy is like Arnold Arnold Schwarzenegger from Hercules in New York.
  • Mark thinks it’s so bizarre that the writers could not have made it up.
  • Jesse doesn’t know who told this story, and why would muggers steal his clothes?

Story 3: The Student—A frustrated teacher questions her dream of teaching until a mysterious student inspires her with an essay.

  • Chris doesn’t understand the essay aspect. Jesse points out the ghost stories usually have some moral aspect.
  • The group takes a quick break to discuss the show Ally McBeal. Should Melissa watch it? Yes. And also Chris is still haunted by the dancing baby.
  • Applying the Ghostly Rules, Chris thinks this is in the realm of possibility. Kyle questions whether a ghost can write an essay. Jesse thinks the ghost may be affecting what the teacher is seeing.
  • The mystery student is played by Dante Basco who played Rufio in Hook. Melissa is upset with his agent. They could have gotten him a better job after Hook.

Story 4: Scribbles— A young child communicating in a language he’s never learned leads his mother to an answer she’s been searching for.

  • Kyle thinks maybe the kid learned shorthand from his dad. Mark thinks the dad is communicating with his wife from the beyond through the child.
  • Jesse points out Frakes’s ludicrous conclusion that the aunt was secretly implanting the short hand into the drawings to lead the mother to the safety deposit box. But then he backtracks and thinks it’s possible that the aunt and dad were having an affair.
  • Chris asks why the kid didn’t just use shorthand to warn his dad about his impending health problems.

Segment 5: Count Mystery—When a boy goes missing, the town turns to a psychic horse for help.

  • The group agrees this is very unbelievable. Melissa points out that there is an octopus that predicts sporting event outcomes.
  • Jesse thinks that maybe the horse trainer is a murderer and then trains the horse to solve them.
  • Kyle thinks that maybe the spelling aspect is fictional, but a horse did somehow find where the kid was.
  • Melissa wonder’s how much of the story needs to be true in this show: Jesse thinks 70%, Kyle thinks 25%.
  • Jesse compares the horse solving mysteries to a Roomba. If it does it enough times, eventually it will get all the dirt/solve all the murders.
  • Melissa thinks this is fiction, because “horses don’t know English.”

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!


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