#07 Jesse’s famous clogs [S2E1]

#07 Jesse’s famous clogs [S2E1]

“This isn’t a Google airplane from the ’90s.”

Today we review Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction season 2, episode 1. The team is back for season 2! Except Jesse who “messed up the dates” and showed up to the recording late. Chris attempts to take over doing the intro line for the show.

The group talks about how season two stepped up their game: there’s a new host, Jonathan Frakes, who replaced James Brolin. The production value has gone up across the board, including a brand new set for all of the host’s interstitials.

We also shamelessly plug the Beyond Beyond Belief Merch Store. Any money we make from the store will go right back into the show, which will allow us to keep the server up and running, as well as reach out to new listeners who may enjoy our show.

And a shout out to Kyle Hickman, who is doing amazing artwork for the podcast!

Story 1: The Plane–A plane flies itself, saving the pilot from a deadly fate.

  • Right off the bat, the level of storytelling has risen. The acting, suspense and special effects are much improved.
  • Our resident ghost expert, Chris, doesn’t think this could have happened. Jesse thinks this is another case of Ghosts making elaborate plans. It’s way too complicated.
  • Kyle thinks the story was much simpler, and the writers elaborated the plane flying-by-itself-bit.

Story 2: The Gun–A gun mysteriously refuses to fire at innocent people.

  • Jesse points out that all the women in this show have the same short-soccer-mom-hairstyle.
  • Chris points out the intense sexual innuendos.
  • Jesse thinks the story has gone one step too far to be fact.

Story 3: The Portrait–A portrait painter discovers he has the power to end suffering.

  • Jesse thinks these customers should provide doctor’s notes to prove they’re ill.
  • Tiffany thinks the story is very convoluted. Chris thinks it’s fun!
  • Jesse points out the self-selection bias—some of these people who selected to have their portrait done are terminally ill, so naturally when they die people will think it was because of the painting and not the illness.

Story 4: The Pass–Two boys sneak into a morgue only to discover something horrible.

We weren’t lying about the hair.
  • Jesse thinks that seeing your twin dead wouldn’t shock you as much as the story wants us to believe.
  • Kyle and Mark think twins and morgues are writery gimmicks.
  • Jesse thinks that twins stories are frequently odd, and therefore get told a lot.
  • Tiffany doesn’t understand where this would be reported.

Story 5: The Caller–A radio talk show host gets a call from his dead son.

  •  Tiffany thinks the detail of the radio host makes it feel more plausible. That aspect would have witnesses.
  • Chris thinks he would have heard of this story. Everyone else feels like there’s a so many local radio shows, that this could have slipped under the radar.
  • Kyle thinks these types of radio hosts have such crazy personalities that it could have happened but been misconstrued.

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The story results are revealed.

  • To find out which stories are fact and which are fiction… you must listen to the podcast, or check out the full episode below!


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